Heather Adolphi, CEO and Founder of Omniio LLC

Heather Adolphi, Co-Founder/CEO

I have such a passion to help people and that comes out in the form of creating jobs. I bring over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience by previously developing, maintaining and eventually selling 7 online ventures, all relating to the arts and creative development.

Since the inception of Omniio, my dedication to detail, creative marketing alliances and sense of overall leadership have created a vast array of product options, creating a fierce competition in both the traditional and non-traditional bath & body industry.

My love for the environment and community show throughout the array of natural products offered by Omniio!. Every product inception is initiated with careful consideration of how the products will positively impact our world today and in the future.

Vicki Bruso, President of Omniio LLC

Vicki Bruso, Co-Founder/President

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit & have owned several businesses over the course of my life. I am a mother of two beautiful children & have always had a passion for people & helping others.

As a former nurse of 39 years, I know the importance of good health inside and out. With my science knowledge, I formulated a product over 10 years ago, now known as O My!™ Goat Milk Soaps!

Not only do I have a passion for people but also for animals too. As a farmer, I have raised goats for over 10 yrs and am known as the local goat "guru".

Michael Adolphi, CFO of Omniio LLC

Michael Adolphi, CFO

I am the financial, engineering guy whom brings over 30 years of executive management and operations experience including a solid background in planning, engineering, programming, integration, networks and communication systems, busniness development and strategic planning.

I hold a masters degree in electrical engineering and am Co-Founder of Professional Software Engineering, Inc, which employs over 300 professionals.

Peter Cousin, National Sales & Marketing Director of Omniio LLC

Peter Cousin, National Sales & Marketing Director

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Peter has lived on the East Coast, specifically Virginia Beach for almost forty years.

Providing marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales direction for some of the nation’s largest and smallest companies, Peter has produced results for many companies locally, regionally and nationally. Helping others achieve their financial goals through sales, provides a wonderful and often inspirational opportunity for sharing his knowledge with businesses and our sales team. Says Peter, “When someone uses the products produced by us, I want them to become part of the information and opportunities being conveyed. When that happens, I’ve done my job correctly.”
Lauren Bruso, Production and Social Director of Omniio LLC

Lauren Bruso, Production Mgr/Social Director

When I'm not helping on the goat farm, I'm handling all the social media, production flow, shipping and sales rep support @ Omniio.

I also attend college full-time, seeking my bachelors degree in Oceanography.

Often referenced to the liking of "Super Woman" because of all the things I juggle, I am continually seeking opportunities to expand Omniio while continuing to provide the best possible customer service.