People are talking about O My!® because they realize it works and helps to soften skin. Read through a sampling of our happy customers' responses to O My!®

Jordan from Jacksonville, FL - "Cool Coconut is my fave! - LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cool Coconut! It keeps my lips moist... no drying my lips out like chap stock!"

Brenda from Georgia - "Love this for my face!! I've been using O My! Tea Tree Herbal for about 3 months now and the problems I had with acne prior to using this soap have disappeared!! Plus it makes my skin feel so soft!! Thank you so much for this wonderful goat milk soap!"

Roger from Mississipi - "Great soap for my dad - I bought this for my dad who has some disabilities. The rope fits over his wrist and he doesn't drop it when bathing. Very convenient to hang to dry after use too!"

Jessica from Washington DC - "This is a wonderful fall scent! Love this scent! The smell of cranberry always make me think of the holidays."

Katherine Little from AZ - "best lip balm that it has no flavor"

Lauren from Miami, FL - "I love this lotion! This is my favorite scent in the soap and the lotion is just as amazing! I used it all the time and I get compliments every time :)"

Mary from Balitmore, MD - "Wonderful lotion! - This lotion is wonderful. My skin feels so soft all day. The scent is light and not over powering. I would recommend this lotion to anyone"

Carrie from Virginia Beach - "Really softens my hands! The Black Raspberry Vanilla lotion smells great and really softens my hands without feeling greasy. Thanks for the sample and for filling my order so quickly!"

Rhonda from Virginia Beach - "Just have to try this! I found these at our military commissary and was delighted because I typically only found goat milk soaps at the farmers markets during the warm weather. The soaps smell just fabulous and my skin is smooth to the touch all day long. The lip balm is by my side all day!! You just have to try this... you don't know what you're missing!"

Terry from Suffolk - "I’m handing these out left and right! - I don't typically recommend product to people unless I really like it, and I'm handing these out left and right! You have a great product, thank you!"

Susan from Sarasota, FL - "Great for kids! We picked up a bottle of the O My! insect repellent at Marie Selby Botanical Garden here in Sarasota and absolutely love it! We keep it in the car and my apply it to my kids for outdoor sports practices. Thank you for a healthy product for me and my family!"

Jean from San Diego - "Coffee lovers dream! - I’m a big coffee lover, so I am in love with these coffee soaps! They smell fabulous and not overwhelming like some can. Plus the lip balm is to die for!"

Kimberly from Dallas, Texas - "Love this soap and scent - I love the citrus smell of this soap. It is very clean smelling and wakes me up in the mornings! The soap has done wonders for my skin also. No more rough patches. Very pleased"

Kevin from Washington - "Totally awesome! My girlfriend got this for me and it's honestly the best soap I've ever used! I will be ordering more!" 

Stefanie from MS - "I bought these as teacher's gifts. O My! I love them. I bought one for myself to try because it smelled so good through the box. I thought these would be perfect for teachers because the smell reminds me of the beach and the name itself is beachy. Even if you can't make it to the beach, smell these soaps. You will feel like you are there. I also love the way the soap is so smooth and glides on your skin. I am so glad I bought these. I am a huge fan. Plus- there are no crazy ingredients and it is made in the great USA."

Janice Porter from Virginia Beach - "Refreshing tingle! I liked the dog soap that I use on my Pug Harley, that I tried and currently use the peppermint soap! It has a great lather and a refreshing tingle! I would recommend these products to all my friends and family! Thank you"

Brenda from Sacramento, CA - "Love the tea tree! I use the tea tree herbal on my face every morning in the shower with one of their disposable exfoliating bags! Excellent for my skin and dries hanging! Love it!"

Erik from Atlanta, GA - "Wife loves o my! I got my wife one of these sampler packs and she loved every single one! The smells were great but her skin became softer too as she went through the pack. We'll be ordering more."

Sara from Williamsburg, VA - "My legs have never been softer! I love this shaving soap. My legs are so soft and no razors bumps. The lather is really nice and stays until you shave it away. works great for my underarms too. LOVE LOVE LOVE!"

Amber from Memphis, TN - "Bought this for my husband and he love its! "My husband has really sensitive skin especially on his face. Every time he would shave, he would get horrible razor bumps all over his face and neck even when he would use the shaving cream for sensitive skin. I bought him this shaving kit for his birthday and he was so happy with it after the first use. The lather is really nice, the razor just glides over his skin AND no more razor bumps. I was completely shocked how smooth and beautiful his skin looks after. The shaving lotion is just as fabulous and the Island Rum scent is really nice too and doesn't bother his skin either. He really likes the ""barber shop"" feel when he uses it haha. I would recommend this to anyone. Also makes a great gift!"

Judith from Williamsburg, VA - "My son love this soap - I love this soap and this baby powder scent is wonderful. I use it myself and also on my 18 month old son. Our skin is so soft ( like a baby) and I feel good that there are no harsh chemicals going on my son's delicate skin. This scent is wonderful, smells just like baby powder but it is not over powering. Wonderful product!"

Loree from Ashburn, VA - "We love your soap! We love your soap!"

Danielle from Virginia Beach - "I will never buy another lip balm again! I just wanted to say that I was approached in Walmart in the Nimmo shopping center in Virginia Beach yesterday by the President of the company because she saw me buy some chap stick that I saw at the counter. She gave me a sample of the chap stick and I just wanted to tell you that after trying this I WILL NEVER BUY THE OTHER LIP BALM AGAIN!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to try this!! I also let my daughter try it today and I'm pretty sure I will have to hide mine. I am looking forward to trying some of your other products soon!! Thanks again!"

Bettye Hankins from Purlear, NC - "Being a true"sixties child, Patchouli is my absolute favorite scent for soaps, oils, incense, etc. Having this fragrance combined with this awesome soap is wonderful! Love the way my skin feels after a relaxing bath with this soap!"

Mark Fritz from Lakeland, FL - "great lip balm. the best product I have ever used for my lips."

Victoria Walden from Ellijay, GA - "This goat milk soap came to me first, as a sample. I feel in love with the scent straight away! It is the cleanest, comforting scent. I have been using a few other of the O My Goat Milk Soaps on a regular basis now for a couple of weeks. My skin has had such a transformation. The skin on my legs is so dry and like the bark on a tree and ITCH. Now, using these soaps from O MY, has soothed away the bark-like texture of my skin and my legs DON'T ITCH at all anymore. I am so thankful for these soaps. Also, my soap came with others in the SAMPLER pack. The scent is just wonderful. So fresh and has an outdoors kick to it. Very light scent. Nice. As with all of the O My Goat Milk soaps, my skin has had such a positive transformation. I have awful looking dry legs that itch. They no longer itch or have that scaly look. I have been using these soaps now well over a month. HOOKED and happy! "

Georgia from Kansas City - "I received this as a gift from my sister and I love the fact that I got to try 3 goat milk products in one! I had never used goat milk bath and body products before, but I am a huge fan now! Keep up the great work... I love O My!"

Linda from Gettysburg, PA - "O My! That was my reaction after using this hand balm for a few days on my cuticles, and the scent is to die for!! This will last forever too, so this is my new nightly ritual."

Ben from Newport News - "I picked this up at the store around the corner because I loved the smell. This is the perfect size for when I'm traveling, which will be much better than using the nasty soap in the hotels. Thanks!"

Heather from Lebanon, PA - "THANK YOU I love how these lip balms feel and they help hydrate so well. THANK YOU for a great product!

Elizabeth Feild from Virginia Beach Shockingly pleasant. "I was questionable about milk and lemon being a fragrance mix but this is my go-to 'Add to Cart'. When I don't have it, I miss the smell."

Patricia from Greenville NC - "I bought a lotion sampler from a hospital gift shop and just had to order more! Thank you!"

Stacey from Boynton Beach, FL - "Absolutely Amazing! Well I just wanted to tell you that your lip balm is absolutely amazing. Most lip balms make your lips feel better at first but then later your lips are drier and peeling! After using O My Goats Milk my lips were soft, and never ever started peeling or became drier. I love your product!!! Thank you so very much!"

Victoria Walden from Ellijay GA - "VERY nice product and safe too. Kept the "no-see-um" gnats at bay while working outdoors. I have a bottle in my backpack and a bottle handy for the house. Going to get a third for truck "supply box". I gave up on deet years ago. Happy to find this as it smells much better than other natural insect repellents I have tried. O My is the best by far."

Judy Shroeder from Maryland - "There's coconut! Love the new hand and foot balms... and there's coconut! Thank you!" Terry from West Yellowstone - "Love your products! Hello! I finally made my first order after discovering you in West Yellowstone. Please, please bring back the "Huckleberry" scent!! I am using my last bar to scent my bathroom but need more. Love your products!! Thanks, Terry"

Susan Dunkirk from Georgia - "Soap is great! This is a good soap, but not crazy about the scent. Please offer plain, unscented, goat milk bar soap."

Jimmy from Loganville - "A bit too strong - We order a wide selection of soaps on our initial order. This was the only sent we didn't care for. All of the others were a hit with the whole family."

Trish from Manchester NH - "My new favorited thing! I recently bought the O My! Goat's milk lip balm while on vacation in Pennsylvania. I loved it when I first used it. Then I came home and unpacked and to my horror, it was lost.....then I found it a few days ago and my lips couldn't be happier!!!! I have found a new safe place for it, so I can't lose it again. I am only sorry I didn't buy more while I was in PA, as I have not found it since I have been home"

Marcus from Virginia Beach - "Amazing! O My! handmade soaps and lip balms are crafted from goats milk, all natural, and scented with only pure essential oils. They contain no synthetic ingredients, no phthalates, no chemicals of any kind. These soaps are hand poured in small batches, cut, and wrapped by hand. Amazing product and would highly recommend to everyone."

Kisha Lane from Temple - "The BEST chapstick I have ever used!"

Jenette from Florida - "Smells so nice - Love this this product and with my bundle of three, I have no worries of running out too soon."

Danielle from Oregon - "This was my favorite lip balm until I accidently left it in my pocket and it went through the washer and dryer! Then it became my favorite fabric softener, as all of my clothes smelled like cool coconut :) "

Marlyn Doering from Arkansas - "The fragrance is refreshing and the soap has great lather. The scent is delicious and very soothing!"

Jenette from Florida - "Very Nice! This soap has a mild, sweet scent with hints of geranium. The more I use these soaps, the softer my skin gets. Thanks for a Tamazula great product. "